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Debt structure

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Net debt structure

Net financial debt before lease liabilities (IFRS 16) stands at €820 million at 31 December 2022. 

In February 2023, the Group renewed its corporate credit for a period of 5 years with an extended pool of banks. 

The Group's financial position is solid, with total cash and cash equivalents of €1 billion, and to date €800 million in confirmed and undrawn credit lines. 

The leverage ratio stands at 2.1x EBITDA (excl. Leases) at 31 December 2022, well below the Imagine 2026 ceiling (2.5x EBITDA).

On 31 December 2022, Nexity complies with all its contractual commitments under its bond and corporate loans.

Long term debt maturity : No refinancing deadline before 2025


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