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Together for a more united city throughout the territory

The Nexity Foundation is working for a more inclusive city where each vulnerable person can find a place for themselves, with prospects for the future, the ability to act and the means to fulfil themselves. When it was created in 2017, the Nexity Foundation supported social inclusion projects through housing, employment and training. In a context of increasing precariousness, particularly among young people and women, the Nexity Foundation has chosen to invest even more concretely and effectively in its populations by acting in three areas:

  • 127 associative projects supported throughout the country

  • + 500 young people mentored

  • + 1200 committed employees

Equal opportunities

The Nexity Foundation promotes equal opportunities all along the path to employment, starting well before the start of employment.

  • Co-construction of projects with local associations and schools
  • Programs based on self-confidence, empowerment, soft skills, training and discovery of professions in order to open up horizons and allow for a well-chosen orientation
  • For young people aged 14 to 26 from priority neighbourhoods of the city policy and/or from low-income neighbourhoods and/or QPV priority urban planning districts or those who have been forced into a career path, including in rural areas.

    Tackling precariousness

    The Nexity Foundation is committed to fighting precariousness.


    • Responding to the needs of territories with specific problems of young people and women
    • Financial and social support for national and/or regional public policies
    • Help in emergency situations

      Inclusion through sport

      The Nexity Foundation is committed to working with the most vulnerable young people to ensure that sport is a lever for social and professional integration.


      • Support for projects that use physical activity and sport as a tool for social impact
      • For young people from priority neighbourhoods in the city's policy or from modest backgrounds, or who have been forced into a career path or who have dropped out of school
      • For young people with disabilities

        The solidarity commitment of Nexity employees

        The Nexity Foundation also relies on the commitment of the Group's employees, who from the very beginning have responded by participating in regular collections (food, hygiene products, clothing, etc.), in the solidarity days organized once a year through a "helping hands" missions to partner associations throughout the country, times dedicated to presenting the real estate business and providing guidance in school orientation, and in mentoring programs. The Foundation is also developing 6 ways of involvement that allow the Group's employees to give their time or skills to partner associations.

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