France’s leader in real estate development and services, playing a central part in your everyday life 

We are ready to listen and serve you at every stage of your real estate journey. 

  • €4.6 billion in revenue in 2021

  • €1.5 billion excl. VAT commercial real estate order intake in 2020

  • 1 million individual clients 

Life Together is our corporate purpose and drives everything we do 

Places in themselves hold no meaning – their meaning comes from the life that is lived there. We all need spaces where we can fulfil our most fundamental aspirations – to live among the people we love, to work, to grow up, to meet people, etc. We need places where we can forge and reforge connections. And as Nexity plays a central part in the lives of people, businesses and regions, our corporate purpose is Life Together. 

Our group: all our business lines serving the city and its residents 

Our platform assembles all our expertise and services in one place to meet the needs of our clients, partners and employees. And in line with our corporate purpose, Life Together, we work for a more accessible, more people-focused and more environmentally friendly city.  

    Our governance open and responsible 

    In order to enrich the Nexity group’s strategic vision and accelerate our development, our governance incorporates complementary bodies involving our major stakeholders: bodies aligned with our internal and external challenges alike. 

    Our relationship with our customers: based on listening and advising 

    We operate day-to-day to support our clients and partners. By building close relationships, we can better satisfy their needs and uses, develop offers tailored to them, and support their projects from start to finish. 
      We apply our expertise and our corporate purpose, Life Together, in cities across Europe: in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland and Portugal. 

      We work with our customers and partners on a daily basis. By forging a close relationship, we can best meet their needs and uses, develop tailor-made offers for them and support them throughout their projects.

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