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Our services platform meets your needs over the long term 

For individual clients, companies, institutional clients, local authorities and stakeholders in our cities, our platform adapts to a constantly changing environment to offer you products and services that closely match your reality and your needs.  

  • €1.5  billion commercial real estate order intake

  • 876,000 units under management in Property Management for Individuals

  • 11 major urban projects in development

Imagine 2026, for seamless client relationships

Along with our staff, our clients are our most precious asset. It is thanks to them that we find meaning in what we do every day. Our clients drive us to keep improving, to excel, to innovate – and that strengthens the bonds of closeness and mutual trust that mark our relationships.

    Discover all our subsidiaries and strategic partners

    Urban Campus | Studéa | PERL | Isélection | Primosud | Edouard Denis | Oralia | E-gérance | Innovacti | Berard | Bien ici | Trouvermonprêtimmo | Morning | Hiptown  | Intent | The Boson project | Accessite | Bureaux à partager | Cocoon space | Bionatics

    We support all your needs in development, restoration and energy renovation 

    By listening to you every day, we match your aspirations and we act:

    - For individuals: providing housing for everyone, whatever their age, life path or personal situation, “Post-Covid by Nexity” offers clean, outward-looking, modular and connected homes

    - For businesses: design, construction and restoration tailored to the end user’s environmental and usage needs.  

    - For institutional clients: bulk sales 

    We provide you with advisory services you via our management and operations solution 

    Whether you are a investor or a user, we have designed bespoke solutions to meet your real estate needs, from advisory services to the complete management of your asset.

    - For individuals: transactions, renting, management, asset management, trusteeships, assisted living, etc.  

    - For businesses: property management, digitalisation of assets, etc. 

    We work alongside you in urban development and regeneration 

    We provide innovative long-term solutions for all your urban development projects, from design to construction, whether you are:

    - local authorities: urban general contracting (design, consulting, PMA, etc.), developing innovative and sustainable neighbourhoods (reintroducing nature to the city, etc.), transforming city gateway areas, and more.  

    - retail players: our Coeur de Ville offering incorporates the revitalisation of ground-floor retail outlets, etc. 

    We remain by your site to give you the best advice 

    Our own experience within the Nexity group, combined with that of our subsidiaries and partners enables us to provide you with advice and solutions in the areas of:

    - financing and managing your assets

    - transforming uses

    - your real estate strategy

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