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Our commitments to the climate, biodiversity and the resources’ preservation

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Designing buildings more respectful of nature and people is at the core of our strategy. Our commitments, as part of a low-carbon trajectory, aim to serve a sustainable city.

In Brief
  • Contribute to limiting global warming by improving the carbon footprint of our real estate development projects
  • Improve the carbon footprint of our real estate development projects
  • Design more energy and carbon efficient buildings
  • Protect biodiversity

Imagine 2026, for affordable low-carbon real estate

In our DNA, there is the sustainable city and the cohesive city. And our conviction is that one cannot exist without the other. The climate challenge and access to housing for all must go hand in hand. This is a long-standing battle, and it is part of our corporate culture to make low-carbon affordable.

Find out about Nexity's sobriety plan

To reduce energy consumption by 10% in two years and ensure that the country spends the winter without blackouts, Nexity is taking immediate action:

  • Exemplarity in our locations
  • Shield set up for customers
  • Employee commitment
  • Deployment of an "Essential" world



Our environmental responsibility towards the city

As an integrated real estate services platform and a contributor to the city's fabric, we have a strong responsibility to them. Changes in society, combined with environmental emergencies, require us to adapt and become more efficient.

We have a long-term commitment to the city's development, through innovation and the emergence of new solutions for smarter and more economical construction. Alternative and low-carbon construction methods, energy-efficient building renovation, ecological mobility services... We are acting effectively on a daily basis, with you, to help limit global warming to +2°C by the end of the century, and to design a low-carbon city accessible to all.

Our objectives? By 2030, to reduce CO2 emissions per square meter delivered for all development projects  by 42%.

Our climate plan gives us a step ahead to stimulate innovation and accelerate the search for more responsible and resource-efficient solutions
Alain Dinin

Alain Dinin


Our ambitions to achieve sobriety/low carbon

The construction and operation phases of buildings generate greenhouse gas emissions. We are joining forces to improve our carbon footprint through bioclimatic design and the integration of renewable energies, through concrete actions:

  • Nexity Eco-responsible Construction Site Charter.
  • Pilot operations in the field of the circular economy, based on the reuse and recycling of construction materials.
  • The use of bio-based materials (wood, straw, hemp, etc.), soil-based building materials (earth, stone) or low-carbon concrete
  • A Green Deal signed in 2018 with the Plan Bâtiment Durable concerning the energy renovation of condominium

We have also signed several national charters for energy renovation: in 2018, "Habiter Mieux" from Anah, and in 2019, "Engagé pour faire". Our contribution to the Athletes' Village in Saint-Ouen is a good example of an exemplary project in the fight against global warming. The buildings, which combine 100% French wood and low-carbon concrete, will reduce the carbon footprint by 75% compared to the London Games.


1st place

in the BBCA ranking of French low-carbon buildings since 2019

We design more efficient and healthier buildings

We strive to improve the energy performance of buildings in order to offer healthier accommodation and offices to their occupants, through:

  • indoor air quality (choice of materials, analysis of the ventilation system...),
  • their living comfort (space planning, acoustics, luminosity, temperature...)
  • water quality (equipment, network...).

We encourage the use of renewable energies such as solar systems. We are also committed to the energy renovation of co-ownerships to improve living comfort and reduce costs.

For office buildings, we propose an eco-designed offer highlighting:

  • environmental certification
  • renovation (since 2000, 400,000 m2 of office space has been renovated)
  • innovative construction processes, such as the Ywood wood-structured office building in Aix-en-Provence and the Palazzo Méridia in Nice.

We are committed to reintroducing nature into the city

A target of 100% of our operations with green spaces by 2023.

We are aiming to ensure ecological continuity and protect biodiversity by greening our developments, promoting urban agriculture and create habitat for local wildlife (insect hotels, nesting boxes, beehives, etc.).

Across all our real estate development projects, we pay attention to the preservation of water resources (rainwater management, control of drinking water consumption, production of domestic hot water). To avoid any risk of groundwater contamination by polluted soil near a parcel of land in one of our developments, we carry out a study of the quality of the soil, its subsoil and the land history of the site. Remediation measures are implemented if necessary.

Finally, we make residents aware of environmental issues by making them actors in the environmental quality of their neighbourhood through eco-actions.

Les Docks de Saint-Ouen

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