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Partner to local authorities for an inclusive, resilient, low-carbon city 

At your side, we are designing a city that adapts to changing uses and needs. From the design phase through to construction and daily use, we offer you solutions for developing ambitious, virtuous projects that address societal, social and environmental challenges: a growing, ageing population, access to housing, the sharing economy, energy transition, biodiversity, and innovation. 

  • No. 1 partner to social landlords

  • No. 1 private player in urban renewal

  • 1 job created = 10 jobs supported

Nexity meets the future with a new development division, Nexity Transformation des territoires

Bringing together our two established operators Foncier Conseil and Villes & Projets under one new brand identity, Nexity aims to provide local authorities with the full spectrum of the Group's development expertise and services. 

    Partner for a low-carbon region 

    We support you in developing an innovative, environmentally friendly region, by sharing every form of expertise the Nexity group has to offer:

    - reducing the energy footprint of buildings

    - developing innovative, low-carbon districts: zero-carbon neighbourhoods, restoring nature to the city, etc.

    - calling on our pioneering expertise in timber construction and low-carbon materials (hempcrete, strawcrete, raw earth, etc.) 

    Partner for an inclusive city 

    We offer you our expertise in developing homes for all, through inclusive and participative project design and public-interest projects:

    - designing and creating mixed neighbourhoods

    - social housing, solidarity housing, etc.  

    - solutions for home buyers (accessible finance, housing funds, etc.) 

      Partner for an attractive region 

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