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We are committed to our clients, the city and the environment 

We work with and for everyone to design a more welcoming, more accessible, more people-focused and more environmentally friendly city. A city where we live better, and above all, together. 

  •  No. 1 BBCA (low-carbon building) developer

  • No. 1 partner to social landlords

  • + 50% women on the Nexity Executive Committee

To meet the environmental challenge 

The reinvention of low-carbon buildings and neighbourhoods to address climate change and promote biodiversity is at the heart of our strategy. Our goal is to limit global warming to 2 °C by the end of the century, in line with the Paris Agreement. 

    Our goals for the future

    To make the city more inclusive 

    Our business lines revolve around living well and living together in our cities.

    That is why we are focused on making housing more accessible to all and designing a welcoming, sustainable city that adapts to changing uses and consumption patterns. 

      For a more united society 

      Through the Nexity Foundation, we are also committed to helping vulnerable people and society as a whole. By supporting projects co-developed with regions, employees and local associations, we work for social inclusion through housing, training and education for young people aged 14–26 years from urban priority districts.  

        For the development of our employees

        To ensure our people’s employability, we continuously improve our training provision to help them renew their skills. To that end, we created a dedicated training organisation: La Cité. We also support career development and internal mobility and/or entrepreneurial ambitions.  

          Our regional actions

          To design a welcoming, sustainable and accessible city, we offer local authorities support and solutions to help them develop ambitious and virtuous projects. We are also committed to meeting societal, social and environmental challenges for every individual, for people collectively and for the environment. 

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