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Our commitment to our employee development

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We enable our employees to flourish within the Nexity Group, both professionally and personally. We ensure that everyone is equal and achieves his or her full potential.

In Brief
  • Strengthening our commitment to gender equality
  • Fighting discrimination and recognising disability
  • Supporting our employees to develop their skills
  • Offer our employees an optimal work-life quality

We are committed to promote equality and diversity

Nexity has strengthened its commitment to gender diversity and equality among all our employees. In terms of gender equality, we have more than 50% women on our Executive Committee, and we have set a target of 40% women in the top 100 managers' club by 2023.

In addition, our Strategic Committee has signed the Nexity "Together for Inclusion" charter, which was co-produced with employees, and the Autre Cercle's LGBT+ Commitment charter. We have also strengthened our initiatives in favour of disability, in particular to enable our employees to have their disability recognised and to adapt their jobs.

Nexity ranked among the 11 French companies and 380 worldwide

committed to gender equality and the promotion of gender equity (Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index)

Our support to develop the talents of our group

Our aim is to retain and develop our talents, and to enhance their achievements.

We have set up a large range of training courses with the creation of La Cité Nexity. We thus help our employees to become active players in their careers, keep their knowledge up to date and enhance their skills. We also promote internal innovation by giving employees the means to carry out their projects and thus participate in the reinvention of our businesses.

More than 100,000

hours of training in 2020, of which almost 40% by remote learning

We are committed to the well-being of our employees

As a responsible company, our goal is to offer our employees an even better work-life quality. As a result, 7 out of 10 employees consider that it is good to work at Nexity. In 2020, we were also awarded Great Place to Work® certification, the highest recognition of the quality of a company's working environment, and 3rd place in the Best Workplaces 2021 ranking.

We are also convinced of the need for constructive social dialogue and the role of employee representatives in supporting and informing employees.

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