Green Finance

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Green Finance

Consistent with its commitment to sustainable development, Nexity is aligning its real estate development’s funding to its CSR targets by issuing Green Bonds.

These Green Bonds fit within the Group’s CSR policy, the fight against global warming and the contribution to the transition to a low-carbon economy, in line with Nexity’s ambitious target of a 30% reduction in tonnes of CO2 eq. per home delivered by 2030 (2015 basis).

The proceeds of the issuance will be allocated to residential real estate projects in France that meet the eligibility criteria set out in the Group’s Green Bond Framework (see below).
Criteria are based, among others, on the European NZEB (“Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings”) standards.
The allocation of funds to eligible projects will be subject to a specific traceability process and annual reporting that will be audited and published in this section.

Targets and methodology described in the green framework have been reviewed by non-financial rating agency Vigeo Eiris (second party opinion) with a reasonable assurance (the highest level of assurance) on the process and the allocation of funds. This opinion is available below.

Green Bond – December 2019

Green Bond - Reporting N°1. 2020

Green Bond – Reporting n°2. 2021


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