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Life together

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Places in themselves hold no meaning – their meaning comes from the life that is lived there. We need the places we inhabit to fulfil our most fundamental aspirations – to live amongst the people we love, to study and work, to grow up and grow old, to meet and enjoy being with others. We need places where we can forge connections, over and over again. That’s why we call our corporate purpose Life Together

Life together is commitment

Because we believe that a place to live is a pillar of human dignity, we work with social housing partners to facilitate access to decent homes for everyone, whatever their age, situation or life path. But it’s about more than housing – all the people and places under the Nexity umbrella share the same concern: we want to make places where human beings feel at home, where they come together with others, where they feel connected to their city and to the environment. None of us can meet these immense challenges on our own. We each have a role to play, skills and ideas to bring to the table, and contribute to this project that we can only achieve together.

Life together is connection

Our services exist to facilitate or create this Life Together, spanning the whole gamut from a single flat, building, or office to a whole street or neighbourhood. By forging close relations with the people who’ve put their trust in us over the years – private and institutional clients, CEOs, retailers, elected officials, residents – we see first-hand how people live, how they use their buildings, and what daily concerns or occasional tribulations they face. This has informed our thinking across the board and prompted us to push the envelope, rethink our role, and reinvent ourselves many times already. Now, changing aspirations are causing a shift in the way people relate to each other and to the spaces around them – whether public or private, in the workplace or at home. We’re adapting as we go along, confident that we’ll be reinventing ourselves over and over again.

Life together is inspiration

Springing from a dual awareness of our responsibility to the cities, regions, and wider society on one hand, and of our company’s history on the other, our corporate purpose drives everything we do. Both our staff and external partners share this raison d’être, which translates into five pledges:

 — We create places that foster connection through services and innovation;

 — We strive to really know our clients; 

— We act in unison to tackle environmental challenges; 

— We work with our partners to further social solidarity; 

— We harness our common culture for everyone’s benefit.

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