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1st global real estate operator committed for the life together

We are committed to designing a sustainable and welcoming city for all

Our 2026 ambition

  • €6bn revenue

  • €500m current operating profit

  • >20%  market share by 2030

  • 30%  reduction of CO2 emissions per sq.m delivered

Imagine 2026 ­– An ambitious vision for new growth

We’ve evolved from being a traditional real estate developer to offering an interlocking raft of additional services. This model has yielded the two complementary returns of enabling us to grow our core property development business, and to bolster our service offerings, chiefly through residential management agreements. Now we’re picking up speed to take another leap forward by turning Nexity into a global real estate operator.

With our pole position across real estate markets, our size and our dense regional coverage, we’re perfectly placed to take advantage of significant changes in the real estate landscape and wider environment. Our vision for growth is based on harnessing our business model to capitalise on two market trends – the value shift from product to use, and the gathering momentum of the sustainable city.

Imagine 2026 – A world of Nexity experiences for all our clients

Nexity is capitalising on its expertise in managed real estate to draw in private and institutional investors attracted by an offer with secured returns. As yields from student residences and co-working schemes go from strength to strength, this provision will be complemented by co-living and managed residential real estate offers catering to a tight rental market.

Against a backdrop of significant shifts in lifestyles and usage patterns, clients are seeking new service offerings that adapt to their real estate needs throughout their lives. Nexity is developing a world of experiences aimed at building a loyal and valued community of clients and investors. Through our marketplace we invite them to enjoy customised offers complemented by a constant flow of new real estate services and products.

    An enhanced client experience

      Seamless client relationships

        Imagine 2026, for affordable low-carbon living

        The gathering momentum of the sustainable city model offers great opportunities for Nexity to grow its share of the property development market, thanks to our dense regional coverage and new products for a decarbonized, energy-efficient built environment.

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